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Autumn Is Here!

With a grey sky outside and much gusting the trees are looking weary and troubled – and leaves are falling off in a steady torrent reminding all with gardens that now is the time to get lawns mown, leaves collected and composted, borders and shrubs cut bank, and branches trimmed – in fact the perfect time to rent garden equipment from your neighbour or someone in your community with an allotment and therefore equipment to hire to others.

To much woody greenery and, unless you have garden waste collection like some forward thinking Councils, little place to put it.  So why not rent a shredder and compost instead?  This one is available in Sudbury so if you are in the area and your garden is crying out for some TLC, visit the site and hire it from Rentor Jason – he’s also got a large capacity roof box though we can’t guarantee it will fit the shredder inside!

RentMyItems.com is all about making money, saving money, and being green. Certainly by becoming a Rentee and renting an item such as a shredder from the site you will be helping someone in your local comunity make a little bit of extra cash (and it is very likely they will spend that locally also), you will be saving money by not having to go out and buy the shredder yourself, and you will be being green, in this instance not only by using someone else’s shredder and therefore saving on the materials and energy used to make a new one, but you will also be making your own compost – what could be greener?

So whether it’s a lawnmover in Readinga leaf blower/vac in Perth, or a hedge trimmer in Fordingbridge visit RentMyItems.com and have a trawl around the site.  And if you have little used garden equipment of you own, or you have tidied your garden for the winter months and all is sitting in a shed, become a Rentor and make a little money instead of that little-used item just gathering dust.