Beating The January Blues

First of all a belated Happy New Year! We all start the year thinking what will it hold for us and what joys the first month of the year will bring. We were no different here at RentMyItems!

2013 ended very positively. Named by Management Today as one of the “5 Top Share Economy Startups” and with only a few days of the year left we welcomed a CTO to the team. We are now looking to redevelop our website over the next few months to enhance our user experience and add some exciting new features.

And so on to this year and what has been a very busy couple of weeks. Not only do we have an array of new items listed on the site from a static caravan in Norfolk to a ball gown in London and a variety of carpet cleaners in Harrow, we have had further press coverage and visited Downing Street.

We were featured in an Evening Standard article (that also appeared in The Independent i) entitled “Make money from your buying mistakes” and highlighted the growth of the online rental revolution. Then, on Friday 17th, we were invited by the Cabinet Office to No.10 Downing Street to take part in an event to celebrate the success of the Sharing Economy in the UK, publicise the scale of its ambition and look forward to a wider strategy that sees the UK at the forefront of a fundamental change in how we produce, consume and deliver. It formed part of a wider initiative of the Government’s new “Challenger Business” programme to identify and lower barriers for disruptive businesses. Many of our peers were in attendance including a number of our Savvy Earner partners. It was a great event of workshops and discussions with civil servants in attendance who will now put together a paper that will be presented to the Cabinet in order for them to action what was discussed by us all. George Osborne, Lord Young and Ed Vaizey were all in attendance and so we hope to see some positive steps made by Government in support of the Sharing Economy. All finished off with a spot of lunch in No.11. A good day had by all we think!

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